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Bungalow Kitchen: Drywall Sanding and Topping

Drywall Sanding and Topping

Drywall Sanding and Topping

After Niel, Our Dentist in Waiting, helped me to mud the walls, we let everything dry.  Actually we let it dry a lot because the next step is sanding and I dislike sanding drywall. Anyone who has ever done drywall sanding and topping knows it is a dirty dirty job. Dust everywhere. But Niel eventually came back and muscled through the sanding. (There are no steps of this process because of the dust…and any lack of momentum is a killer.) So trust me, we sanded.

Cue the April!


April came on Thursday to help with the topping. This is the step of applying a thin layer of more mud over the seems and fanning them out to wider strips ensuring the walls are smooth. (See the wall behind her, you can’t tell but it is beautifully sanded.)

Drywall Sanding and Topping

We literally whipped up a batch of topping mud and then spend six hours applying and fanning. (We may have taken a few breaks to eat.)

Topping mud dries more quickly than all-purpose mud and sands off to a finer grain. It means it’s best to work fast and only apply what is needed.  We have no pictures of the topping process. It’s the momentum thing again, sometimes you just have to keep working or stop all together.

We do have after pictures though:


See, we ended covered in mud, exhausted, and glad to be finished for the day.

Drywall Sanding and Topping

The ceiling just needs a little more patching and then we get to sand again.