Decorating Family & Friends

Random Family Wedding post

Yesterday we got to celebrate the wedding of one of our dear cousins, Wendy, to her new husband, Ben.

Instead of a formal reception they decided to throw a carnival complete with games, prizes, and cotton candy.

And balloon creations. Let’s not forget the balloon creations.

All the kids were expressive about how “this was the best reception they had ever been to!”

Niel, our Dentist in Waiting, and Wendy’s good “little” brothers worked to cook up amazing hot dogs.

Inside there were fruit, veggies, salad, and drinks.

Most of the decorations were put together by Wendy’s Aunt Annette, who did an incredible job. And most of everything else was put together by family and friends.

Siblings ran games, and gave a great program.

Everyone worked to get things put together or taken down.

It was a great day, a great party, and a great way to celebrate getting a new family member!

Congratulations Ben and Wendy!
–Your loving family and the sisters of