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Walks in the Canyon


Sometimes it gets too hot in the Salt Lake Valley and so Xyla and I retreat to the canyons. Up another thousand feet, or so,  it’s much cooler and the trees provide great shade and oxygen.


Up Millcreek Canyon, just a few minutes away, dogs are allowed off leash on odd days. Odd days are dog days.


One of our favorite hikes that we’ve found is the pipeline trail. It’s a beautiful meandering trail that isn’t too hard (meaning we’re not getting hotter than if we stayed in Salt Lake and thus defeating the purpose of our escape).


The trail follows a ridge line and offers all the beauty and sweet smells of pine, scrub oak, and a good path.


Xyla likes her “free roaming” and the chance to sniff all the grasses and bushes where countless other dogs have walked. (But don’t worry, the dog owners are responsible and pick up poop so it’s a clean trail.)


If you’re looking for a quick escape, Millcreek canyon is open and ready for you and your canine companion. Of course you don’t need a dog either, but if you have one it will put a big ridiculous smile on their face.