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Bungalow Kitchen: Slate Floor, Day 2


Day 2 of the flooring began with a lot more prep work. First we removed the door way.

Then we had to lay subfloor on the landing at the top of the stairs and into the utility closet.



Clearly, laying subfloor is hilarious. It was so funny to cut the wood and have it not fit and then cut it again, and question, “who’s measuring this thing?” We rolled with laughter. Perhaps this is why it’s good to work with those you love, everything is just so much more funny.


With the subfloor down we were running to get the rest of the floor finished.

April, who likes to be in control of the tiling process, had to choose between laying tile or cutting tile.


She determined that she should lay because I’m not as precise as she is and it would drive her crazy to have me set things that weren’t perfect. (This decision was really hard on April because it meant she didn’t have control over the saw either, and so measurements were based on things like “a titch, a bit, a little more.”)

For our new day of tiling I picked up a tile saw off of KSL because the prices was better than renting a saw for a week. (And I’ve mentioned before that we’re a little slow around here.)

Robear had us, April, Rachael, and I, get a “glamor” shot with the new saw.


You know, because tiling is so glamorous!


April and Rachael sorted and lay the slate


while I made cuts and held things for them.


See, muy glamorous!


Xyla worked hard to keep everyone clean and helped April “set” the tile by walking everywhere.



April measured, drew, and then prepped for the cut she requested.


Spread thin set.


Placed the slate.


Cleared the cracks of thin set (so the grout has somewhere to live).

And then spaced things.


Good little worker Bee that she is April was here until 10:30 Saturday night helping to get the tile to the door way, just up to the new subfloor.


She would have kept going but I couldn’t move from the landing.


Now I just have to get the last bit of Ditra down and then finish the tile through the landing. We’re getting closer to being done.




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