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Bungalow Kitchen: Over the Range Microwave Installation

microwave installation


Have you ever seen such a happy helper? Robear came over this past weekend with April to help hold up the “over the range microwave.” She was so excited, especially when I took her picture.

It started when April came over to help grout the slate floors, and that sounded like so much fun Robear couldn’t resist joining in. (She’s a real party animal!) But before we got to the floor (because that wouldn’t take much time) we started with the over-the-range microwave installation.

microwave installation template

Helpful was the name of the day apparently because the microwave came with handy templates to tape into place and help us figure out where to drill.

microwave installation template 2

We drilled holes for lag bolts and winged anchor things… April was super technical about everything and I said, “okay” and then promptly forgot.

microwave installation - winged anchors

But we still managed to get the brace for the microwave securely in place.

microwave installation template 3

microwave installation putting in screws(little bit of force)

bung.kit.microwave.2475Real woman power!


microwave installation - heavy lifting

After drilling for the electrical cord and some hanging bolts we slid the microwave up onto the brace and posed for a really glamorous picture. (See tiling for glamor.)

There was some negotiating with the upper bolts, but eventually everything lined up.


And it made myself, not to mention Robear, so happy!

microwave installation - heavy lifting

Who knew a microwave installation could be so fun. Happy Monday!