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April’s Kitchen Remodel: “Almost” Finally Done


I’ve been so bad at keeping up on the remodeling series that I thought I might as well jump toward the end and put us all out of our misery. Particularly my sister Catherine, who has faithfully blogged about each step in her bungalow kitchen remodel. (You makes me feel so guilty.) People keep asking how the kitchen is going and I have to tell them it was pretty much finished a few months ago, and I’ve slowly been working on a few details since then. Of course no one would know that from my posting. Anyone keeping up with the blog must think my kitchen has been demolished for the last five months.

Remember the original:

Kitchen before a

Now from the same angle you can see how we removed part of the wall and opened up the space.


Here’s the original from the other side:

Kitchen before b

I love how much lighter and brighter it is after lifting the false portion of the ceiling .


I must profusely thank my wonderful father, the “Renovation Whisperer”, for recognizing and designing our new layout. He has an amazing talent for improving any space. He also crafted the island, which I love.


He made the decorative posts on the corners of the island and fit the entire thing together. It is a composite of four of my old base cabinets and two “off the rack” upper cabinets. I just call it beautiful.


Of course there are still a few details I need to address. None of them have been critical to feeding my family or washing dishes so they have sat on the back burner for several months.
There are two drawers in the island that still need painting, and a cupboard door that somehow was left out during the initial painting process, and I also need to finish putting toe kick around the bottom of the wall cabinets.

to do on kitchen copy

Next, I am so excited about my new island sink. It will be amazing. Why do I say that in the future tense? Well I haven’t exactly hooked up the drain or water to it yet. So for now it just gets to look pretty. I’ve got the stuff to do it…mostly. I just need the courage to do the drain line. They are kind of icky. I’ll have to attach it to the line in the crawlspace below it and I’m not looking forward to that. Secretly I keep hoping my fairy godmother will swoop in one night and do it for me. I’ll get to it…soon…ish.

island sink copy

But I’m not too rushed since I have my regular kitchen sink to do all the dirty work.


Being without a kitchen sink for a week…or was it two…was the hardest part of the job. Believe me, I was rushed to get this baby back in and its friend the dishwasher hooked up.


Oh yes. And then there is that little detail about none of the walls having baseboards yet. Oh, and random paint splotches too. I’ll get to it…no worries. At least that’s what I tell my wonderful sports addict.


And I remind him to look back and see just how far we’ve come.
Happy To-Do listing.


  • Wow Ape, it’s such an incredible change. I mean, the floor is amazing and the brightness is such a relief! Way to go…Keep up the good work, but help me finish mine first. (oh, is that why you still have projects to do at home? Maybe I need to come down there and offer “help.”)

  • You didn’t talk about the beautiful counters that you did yourself. The granite tiling you did is awesome. And look at that floor! Wow! Good, hard work April.

  • I am thinking that with the white cabinets, maybe you need Rachael’s color of paint….deep dusty blue for contrast,….or would that not go with the granite?