Archive - September 2011

Baby Model Portfolio

Work the camera. Don’t look at the camera. And if you do look at the camera, don’t smile. Own it! Happy Friday! –Cath

Sweet Dog

Gypsy, our parent’s dog, is the sweetest dog ever. She is love, attention, and patience (real patience). She calmly lets Miss Baby pet her. Miss Baby LOVES dogs. Just like her mama. And this dog is happy to be loved. –Cath

Facial Comparison

This picture needed more press. (Mwahahahahahaha) Because usually she looks all refined and beautiful like this:

Peach Picking Season

Robear and the Renovation Whisperer have two incredible peach trees that bare amazing fruit. Each year Robear dutifully picks the bushels and then turns them into the most luscious and coveted pantry item: canned peaches. (The best thing...

Babies: Family Dynamics

Grandpa teases Baby Girl. Baby Girl ignores Grandpa. Grandpa unleashes the tickle spider. Un-phased, Baby Girl ignores Grandpa and the tickle spider. Squash feels for Baby Girl. (It is hard to be a baby.) Happy Friday! –Cath

Funny Looking

Taking pictures with a portrait lens you can see what people really look like.  (Like a boy turning teenager.) How each responds to you, or one another. Like the way a mama’s eyes brighten when she looks at her sweet baby. Or the...

A New Lens

In my classes I’m always telling my students about perspective; like to get some. And then I picked up a new 50 mm lens and have had to work on getting my own. Xyla is willing to have her picture taken. She’s just not always...

Miracle: Dishwasher

The other night I made dinner. That should be a miracle in itself because 1) I don’t cook, & 2) It has been forever since we had a kitchen in which to cook. Of course, my “making dinner” was more like making...