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So Many Four Eyes

I’ve never worn glasses.  Always had perfect vision.  I can see street signs and score boards long before my sweet sports addict, even with his contacts.  So what’s with all the glasses?

Last month we went in for the annual checkup, and now all the children are officially four eyes.

Missy K’s prescription changed to worse, and we replaced the glasses she lost last year.

This year Missy L finally joined the others. Last year she was our one hope, which was a huge bummer for her. But this year she joined everyone else in the fun of getting new glasses.

Loryn's new glasses

The crazy thing is, Sports Addict is near sighted and I’m better than 20/20, but all the kids are far sighted.?.?

Twins in glasses

The optometrist suggested we always keep our eye insurance.

Kids and Dave twins b-day 2 copy

Yes. That seems like a no-brainer to me.