Archive - February 2014

Happy Birthday Buddy

This is an early shout out to my amazing Buddy. He is officially a teenager and has been for a while. He is a wonderful big brother, a great student, a good friend, and an all around awesome kid. Thanks Buddy for making good choices in...

Princess is Growing Up

I am amazed at how grown up my Princess has become.  She is turning into quite the accomplished and beautiful young lady. Where did all the years go? I am so proud of you. Love ya tons Princess!

Looking Back at Baby Pictures

Looking back at old pictures, I can’t believe how much this little girl has grown over the last year and a half.  Here she is at one day old. How quickly the time flies.  We love you sweet Roobster.

A Few Portraits of Loved Ones

I love all the faces in this post.  They each have such wonderful personalities and add their own special dynamic to our family.  Of course these are just a few of my favorite faces. I’ll be adding more soon. Love you...