Hinges fill our spaces from the front door to the jewelry box.  They allow us to welcome the world or secure ourselves safely away from it.  A hinge works when two separate pieces, individually ineffective, are tied together by a pin, creating a shared axis.  In this sense, we are each pieces of a hinge; solid and strong on our own, but able to accomplish great things when connected.

A hinge grounds another object to it’s foundation.  Being connected to a solid frame is just as important as the door itself.  Each of us wants the freedom to swing wide and express ourselves, but need the strength of those around us to support our efforts.

Here at Home Hinges we want to share the things we love (spread our wings), and create the supportive environment necessary to accomplish greatness.

We are five sisters spread across twenty years, each making her own way through life.  We come with different personalities and perspectives; we each have our own ideas about how to live and what to value.  We work to support one another and share our triumphs and failures in an effort of comaraderie and sisterhood.  Together we make up the hinge that allows each of us the freedom to spread our wings.  These are the details that make life worthwhile.

Welcome to our world.

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