Catherine’s House (My Bungalow in the Ghetto)


The Bungalow in the Ghetto that I affectionately call home.

Ah, the bungalow.  It was built in 1926 and has had a long and varied life.  It’s located in the Ghetto of Salt Lake City, in an area that boasts the highest crime rate per capita for the entire state.  We also have the greatest pedestrian population, minority populations, and commercial property.  It’s all very charming.

In 2005 Rachael, my roommate, and I bought the bungalow as an escape from renting.  We had been apartment hopping and were tired of moving every single Memorial day.  The housing bubble was beginning to rise and housing prices were beginning to soar, but we snagged this deal.  When we finally found this house we didn’t hesitate, it fit all our criteria: large yard for me, large kitchen for her, and some classic charm (stuff not put into new construction, things like beautiful wood details).  Five years later I think that I should have had better criteria, like a little less “charm” and a little more function, but that’s what 20/20 hindsight offers.

For the first two years, or so, we were content to make the mortgage.  We tore down wallpaper in the living room, we painted a bedroom, we rearranged furniture.  But then, over time, we picked up a few tools, addressed some issues, and now we’re christened Do-It-Yourself-ers.

In 2008 we got a camera, a dog, and new bathroom.  Since then the projects don’t seem to quit.  The money’s still tight but we’re making progress on this little house that we call home.

The Bungalow Progress and Projects

2011 House Projects:

*Remodeled the kitchen

This was our major project for the year and is covered in the following posts:

  1. The Bungalow Gets a Kitchen: before
  2. Demolition: Day 1 & Day 2, The plan
  3. Removing the wall
  4. Demolition of the Midget Door to Nowhere
  5. Floor Demolition
  6. Framing out the South wall
  7. Running Electrical
  8. Putting in a new Sub-floor
  9. Insulating the South wall
  10. Updating the stove electrical
  11. Sheetrock: Day 1, Day 2, Taping & Mudding, Sanding & Topping
  12. Texturing the ceiling: Tutorial
  13. Priming & Painting
  14. Cabinet Installation
  15. New slate floors
  16. Counters
  17. Appliances
  18. Sink & Backsplash
  19. Moving everything back in

* Updated the living room windows: North wall, and South wall

*Added trees and shrubs to the front and back yard.

*We Finally put in grass in the front yard:


* Painted the Living Room which involved:

  1. Prep
  2. Taking down wallpaper
  3. Putting up a new mantel trim
  4. Textured the walls
  5. Getting some color up.


2010 House Projects:

* Chopped down the apple tree

apple tree

*Put up smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

* Stained the back fence

* Tore out the front yard

* Put in a “stone” flowerbed box

The Bungalow 2008:

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