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TimmmBerrr–Down Comes the Shade

One of my favorite things about our new home was all the trees. I’m not just pale, I’m fry-instantly pale, so shade is truly my friend and we had a lot of it thanks to our two beautiful Globe Willows.

Shade, Lovely Shade

That is until this spring when one of my precious trees decided to split down the middle, threatening to fall on both the neighbors home and my own; generally considered by nine out of ten people “NOT GOOD.”

(Note: In the fall I’ll be cursing Globe Willows when they turn into the trees from Heck, dropping all their leaves and thousands of branches, but this is a nostalgic post so I’m not going to dwell on all their faults right now. It would take way too long.)

The Gread Divide

I chose to ignore this little problem for a while, hoping it wasn’t that serious. I mean, does it really look that serious?

Denial…I was in denial. The tipping point (almost literally) occurred upon chance inspection after being away for two weeks. Apparently there were several wind storms while we were gone because when I looked at the tree again it was almost touching the neighbor’s fence.

A little too close for comfort

It didn’t help my inner peace that the trunk kept making creaking and tearing noises as I inspected it. But could something this beautiful really be the force of catastrophic destruction that the little voice in my head kept telling me it might be?

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Mary Poppins

Alas, the inevitable reality struck. The tree needed professional help, probably of the most drastic nature.  A flier and high recommendations from another neighbor convinced me to call Cedar Valley Tree ServiceJosiah Wise, the owner and main employee, was in my backyard within a few hours giving me the bad news that my little inner voice was telling the truth.  The tree was hazardous.

So early Monday morning they came to remove my shade and not a minute too soon.  The tree had shifted another quarter of an inch closer to the fence over the weekend.

What a great view of the mountains from way up there.

Josiah quickly got to work strapping on safety ropes, a chainsaw, cool spikes, and the mother of all handsaws, and headed up the most egregious branch.

Half the tree down

And then he kept going…and going…and going all day long, until it was all gone.  When he got to the bottom of the trunk we discovered it was really rotten and if the first branch didn’t break off and smash something soon, there was another branch ready to go.

A piece of the rotten trunk easily broken off with a good kick.

There were some nasty bugs inside too but I won’t go into details.

A fraction of the branches from the tree littering the yard three feet deep.

We could have paid him $200 dollars less and did the cleanup our selves, but it was worth every penny to have him and his crew do that part.  It ended up being several TONS of debris. I’m all for a good workout but I’ll stick to the elliptical.  Thanks.

In the end, the shade is gone, but so is the worry.  I don’t have to wince every time the wind blows anymore.  And thanks to the hard work of someone else, it was a piece of cake.  The kids and I just had to sit back and watch.

I’ll probably plant another tree sometime soon; something less prone to splitting and far less messy.  If anyone has any suggestions I’m looking for the perfect tree.  In the mean time I’ll put on my SPF 70 and enjoy the sun…for maybe ten minutes or so.