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Robear and the Red House Yard 2.0

Red House Yard Version 2.0

I was lucky enough to purchase a house that the Renovation Whisperer had worked his magic on, so it does not leave much to be desired on the interior. However, the yard needed quite a bit of work. When the house was originally purchased by the Renovation Whisper and Robear it was overgrown with dead trees and bushes and there was not a sprinkler system.

Brooke’s Red House before the Renovation Whisperer…Red House version 1.0…the scary house that kids ran by in fear that they would be snatched by evil trolls…

The Renovation Whisperer completely remodeled and modernized the inside and upgraded the outside. He took out the overgrown and dead bushes and poured new cement sidewalks and driveways. He also added a front lawn. But at that point it was up to me to finish.

Red House AFTER the Bathroom Whisperer…no real yard or flowers in the flower beds…

So while the Dentist in Waiting and Cath put in the remaining sprinklers in my yard, I started designing the flower beds and where I wanted trees. The sprinklers were finished and we laid sod. So this week Robear, who can always be counted on to go the extra mile, came over and helped me finish the front flower beds.

Because I like to over-schedule myself, I thought I could get the beds done in an hour or two before I met a friend for lunch… 5 hours later …basically until I passed out and remembered why I went to college, Robear helped me dig, plant, weed, and run to Home Depot for some pots. I have decided that Robear may be related to the energizer bunny…she keeps going and going and going…

Red House Yard Version 2.0

But in the end it has paid off and I can’t wait for the trees and flowers to fill in. What a difference!


P.S. I also recommend Robear for continuing maintenance on a yard. I can’t tell you how many times this week I have woken up to hear her outside watering my thirsty and grateful plants and lawn.

The Energizer Bunny

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