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Josiah Wise and Cedar Valley Tree Service

Josiah Wise is the owner and primary employee of Cedar Valley Tree Service. He recently came to my rescue when our tree decided to start falling over. The best way to describe him is a fun combination of Happy Logger, Mountain Climber, and Tarzan.

Josiah Wise

Josiah Wise a.k.a Cedar Valley Tree Service

About a year ago he started his own tree service after working several years under contract for another tree company.  Watching him it’s easy to see he really loves what he does and he says as much.  While he was climbing about I couldn’t help but imagine that growing up he was one of those ten-year-olds who was constantly climbing on something; trees, buildings, fences, fearlessly trying to see how high up he could go or how far he could jump down. Of course now he safely climbs through the tree tethered by safety ropes and equipment.

Josiah admits that starting his own business was a little like going out on a limb (pun totally intended) and the current economy hasn’t helped, but it he’s working hard to make it work and he loves the benefits that being self-employed bring. The best part, he says, is being able to see his family more (wife and two small children) because he isn’t working 80 hours a week to make someone else money.

All day Josiah and his crew, he has a few other people who work for him, particularly his brother-in-law, worked until the tree was down, which took well into the evening.  The next morning he came back early and ground down the stumps of not only the tree he removed, but two other stumps in the yard.  When everything was hauled away he left our yard looking better than it had when he started, making sure all the leaves and debris were completely gone.

He also gave us advise on what to do for our other Globe Willow to help it last a few more years, and then he cabled it to keep it from splitting in the near future.

Josiah was very conscientious of the neighbors who had to suffer through all our tree mess as well.  Before he ever started he spoke with them and then made sure nothing was damaged during the take down.  And because the tree hung halfway into their yard, the debris that naturally fell that way was quickly cleared away so as not to inconvenience them.

It’s always nice to come across a hard working, honest, and personable individual who I feel I can trust, especially when it comes to house and landscaping projects.

If you need an honest, hard working, and pleasant tree expert to take a look at your trees, I recommend calling Josiah Wise and Cedar Valley Tree Service.


Josiah Wise & Cedar Valley Tree Services

Cedar Valley Tree Service offers removal, trimming, crown reduction, planting, stump grinding, lawn mowing, and yard care needs.  Free Estimates. Licensed and Insured. Serving Salt Lake County, Summit County, and Utah County.


Disclaimer: Home Hinges receives no compensation for our recommendation.  We are not responsible for any liability associated with Cedar Valley Tree Services or Josiah Wise.  We just liked his efforts and service and wanted to let you know that he and his business did a great job.


  • Thank you so much for that. You are an excellent writer. I like the pictures too. Thank you for hiring me. That tree was so fun to cut down, because of the challenges that came with it. And it was great to get to know you guys. Thanks for everything.

  • Thank you for taking out the big sycamore tree in our back yard. You did such a good, clean job and left everything so tidy and neat. The price was great too! We won’t hesitate to call on your services again and will also tell our friends. Rudi & Carel Lehnardt, Orem, UT