Family & Friends Odds & Ends

Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner, we have it every week.  We don’t always plan to have it every week, it just happens.  Sometime around 2:00 pm the phone chain begins.  Someone is tired of being at home alone, or doesn’t want to cook dinner all by herself, or what not, and begins to call people to “see what they are up to.”

Sunday Call

Caller:  Hi, I just wondering what you’re up to?
Sister:  Um, nothing, what are you up to?
Caller: Oh, I was just wondering if anything is going on.
Sister:  Um, nothing, why? Do you want to do something?
Caller:  Yes.  I was thinking we could get together at April’s house and have dinner and play games.
Sister: Um, okay.  What do you want to eat?
Caller:  Well, I only have lettuce, some carrots, and a few cans of pineapple, maybe some cool whip.
Sister: Oh, that’s good, I have some tomatoes, a package of jello, and some cheese.  Why don’t we call everyone else and see what remnants they have in their cupboards that we could turn into a meal?


And that is how Sunday dinner goes, almost every single week.  Sometimes for birthdays we plan ahead…sometimes.  But usually it’s all a surprise.

Which is funny because after so many years and so many Sundays you’d think we might change it up a bit and attempt to plan our meals.  Or acknowledge that we get together every week and try to be more prepared.  Or at the very least not leave the guess work to Sunday when no one will go to the store because we’re “those kind of people”.  But usually we don’t because we don’t plan to spend every Sunday with everyone, we just do.

It’s really the spontaneity that makes getting together ever week so fun.  There’s a moment where you realize you don’t have to hang out, it’s not scheduled, not forced, but you can hang out.  Then it seems so exciting.

There is some sense of risk and challenge in the coordination and production of a Sunday meal.

This Sunday, like so many Sundays, we found a reason to get together and just hang out.  And we had a good time.  We played Settlers of Catan. TS got us all geared up when he threatened, in an American-Russian-movie accent “I am going to Crush you, like bug, on rug, under shoe!”

TS didn’t win though, James won.

Next week, if we happen to get together, we’ll have to play again.  We can’t have a brother-in-law winning!