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The Easy Funny Pipe Fix

Coupling for easy funny pipe fix

Since Cath showed an example of the hard way to fix a funny pipe problem I decided an example of the “easy way” to fix funny pipe should be in order.  In my version there’s no gluing or pvc or overachieving or looking really cool with primer.

Like Cath, I also recently had a “moment” where a piece of funny pipe met an awful fate.  Actually it just got a little chewed up in one section, but we won’t go into the grisly details.

broken funny pipe

Funny pipe with big owie along one side

The Easy Funny Pipe Fix


2 funny pipe couplings

Short piece of funny pipe

Unlike Cath I decided to just make a joining connection between the two healthy sides.  Why make life harder than it has to be?

The first and only tool I needed was my trusty pipe cutter.  It seems to work on all plastic pipe and is a great addition to my growing toolbox.

Pipe CuttersJust open the jaws and start cranking down.  The mechanism inside does most of the work so no need to worry about hand cramps, unlike PEX tools, but that’s another story.

Tool cutting funny pipe

After cutting out the ruined section of funny pipe, I grabbed the two funny pipe couplings (one for each side of the connection) and inserted them into the two open ends.

Putting the couplings into the funny pipe is the hardest part.  It takes some muscle and I found twisting helps.

Coupling in funny pipe

This is the right side. Another is on the left.

Last I cut a piece of funny pipe the length from one set of barbs to the other.  If you ever have to do this be sure to measure from the top of the barbs not the open ends.  You’ll quickly realize what I mean if you cut it too short.

Then with more twisting and shoving and feeling like my back might break if I hovered over this hole for one more minute, I joined the funny pipe onto the connectors.

Fixed funny pipe

Walla, a fixed funny pipe.

So with about $3 worth of connectors, a chunk of funny pipe from the Renovation Whisperer‘s garage, and five minutes of sweat, I had my sprinkler up and running again.

Who’s the sprinkler czar now Cath?!


  • Plain and simple. You need to heat funny pipe to put ANY type of fitting into it period. The best method for this is to use a heat gun not a flame. The heat gun should be held away from the pipe about 10-15 inches. When you see the color start to change to a lighter gray take the heat away and with a “gloved” hand insert your fixture and allow a minute to cool. There, it’s done.

    • Great tip. Thanks Dana. That might have made it easier. Thankfully it was a small project, and the pieces went together just fine with a little muscle, but if I ever do a large funny pipe project I’ll definitely try your tip.

  • Thank you for including humor in your article. I was starting to get very frustrated fixing my leak, and you made me laugh about it. My sprinkler system is about 20 years old. There’s a “T” in my tubing aka funny pipe, and water is squirting out on both sides of the clamp. I don’t see any holes that aren’t supposed to be there, and I’ve used pliers to tighten the clamp as best as I can. Any ideas?

    • OK, I figured this out by loosening the bolts again, and taking a closer look. Over time, the bolts holding the clamp must have loosened, which caused a misalignment with the hole that had been punched for the funny pipe extension. Since the clamp was covering the hole, water was squirting out the sides. This sounds pretty obvious, but I had to pretty much take this all apart before I could figure it out. Thanks again for helping me find humor in bending over a hole in the ground and wrestling with bolts in 92 degree heat! I am sweaty and muddy but so proud!

      • Great job Debbie. Sorry I didn’t get back to you in time to help but it sounds like you did a great job figuring it out yourself. We love to hear stories like yours, and we are so happy we could help you see a little humor in the situation. Sprinklers can be tough, especially since they are outside, involve lots of water and dirt (aka mud), and usually require breaking your back huddled over a hole in the ground. Sprinklers can either make a person laugh or cry. I find it’s best to laugh and I’m glad you could keep your spirits up. Thanks for sharing.