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Never Ending Desires

While searching for porch inspiration I came across these pictures from The Bella Life blog.  It was chalk full of inspiration. However these especially caught my eye, perhaps because I am ready for fall, and cool weather.

I have several dreams for my front porch all including tearing out the old shabby sliding glass doors and adding beautiful colors, flowers, railing, and furniture. (This is one reason why you have not seen pictures of my front porch, it is too unsightly, though it has potential).

I love the rustic chairs in this next picture.  They look so cozy and inviting with their cushions.  I also like the idea of having strong inspiration furniture that can easily be changed for any season.  Fall porch chairs and tableSwitching out the cushions and decorations for a jar of yellow sunflowers and bright colored cushions could easily change it to a summer porch scene.

The fire engine red door in this photo really make the entrance the focal point of the home.  I thought this was a great example of how to use color to really draw the eye, welcoming guests.Red front door A vignette like this might work well on April‘s front door.  I’ll have to show her.


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