Lawn and Garden Odds & Ends

Watermelon, Weeds, or Both?

This is my garden. . . of weeds. Yes I know, it’s pretty pathetic, but it is my garden that got started. . . and never finished.

What you see here, are the weeds that planted themselves in the garden. I hate it when they just think that they can walk right in and make themselves comfortable.

All the fruits and veggies that we planted were not successful. The only thing besides weeds, were watermelon plants.

Last year we planted Watermelon, but they didn’t turn out very big. And we only got two Watermelon out of two Watermelon plants. Oh well. *sigh*

My garden has a lot Watermelon plants in it.  And a ton flowers on the plants.  I cannot wait until those flowers turn into big, juicy, Watermelon!

Can you see any Watermelon plants?  Weeds?  Both?