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Floor Fun

I love the look of hardwood floors, particularly wide plank, somewhat rustic, wipe-up-and-you-know-it’s-clean hardwood floors.

The Sport Addict, loves carpet; soft, plush, fluffy-enough-who-needs-couches, wall-to-wall carpet.

I know I’m right, but I’m still trying to keep an open mind, or something like that, so when I ran across a post on Decorology about fun carpet options, I decided to give it a chance.  It inspired me to see carpet can have its place.  Here are some of my favorites.

Though I like hardwood floors, I do like carpet in bedrooms.  The company Fun On The Floor has some really fun options for kids bedrooms.  Like this foot patterned one that would be great in a nursery.Blue carpet with footprints

Or this flower patterned carpet, fun for a kid’s room or playroom. Green carpet with flowers

These could also make awesome rugs.  Get them bound on the edges and instead of wall-to-wall carpet you have an easily changed rug.  I’m liking  this more already.

For a more sophisticated look, a soft striped pattern can actually widen or lengthen a room similar to the natural stripes in hardwood flooring.   Striped carpetOf course there are some colors hardwood just can’t do.  If money wasn’t an issue, and I could change out my flooring on a whim,  and I wanted my house to feel like it’s covered in grass, I could install carpet like in the picture below.  In fact I think my aunt might have had some carpet similar to this about thirty years ago only in a long shag.Lime green carpet

Making a fun carpet like this into a rug to eliminate some of the permanence associated with wall-to-wall carpet would also be a good option.

In the end I don’t know which of us will win this one.  Most likely it will be a compromise of sorts with some rooms having carpet and others having hardwood.  Until then I’ll keep looking for inspiration and be sure to share any I find.

What are your thoughts?  Comment and let me know what you like best.  (Comment icon at top of post.)



  • I love the carpet ideas. The idea that you could bind and make it into rugs is really fun. Of course, I live in an apartment with this low pile nondescript – kind of nasty carpet. Not much hope here! :)

    • Apartment carpet can be unfortunate. I’ve lived with my share. Sometimes if it is low pile enough you can put a rug on top of it too, though it doesn’t work every time. Thanks for visiting.

    • Sorry Angie, but I don’t have any affiliation with the company other than loving their carpet too. Click on the link in the post to Fun On The Floor and it should take you to their company website. Good Luck.

    • Sorry but no, I don’t have any connection to the company. You can find the website for the company that makes the footprint carpet in the Floor Fun post though. Good luck.