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Refinish Old Dresser Project

refinish dresser

refinish old dresser - before picture

My in-laws were so kind and loaned my husband and I a dresser when our baby was born. We were in need of furniture for cheap. The only problem about this wonderful dresser was that it was dark blue with red knobs and we were having a little girl.

This really wasn’t a problem, after all, I know how to paint. The only real issue is my struggle to finish projects that I start. I don’t think I am lazy and therefore I have come to the conclusion this lack of commitment stems from some psychological issue I’m not aware of yet.

However, I finally determined to refinish this little dresser to match my baby’s room a little better. I was inspired by the white furniture on pottery barn kids. I wanted something that I could use in a little girl’s or a little boy’s room because I’m efficient like that.

Project: Refinish Old Dresser

To start off I found a fabulous item called liquid sander. All you do is wipe it onto the furniture using a rough rag. This takes off some of the paint, but also leaves a nice rough finish for the new paint to stick to.

Refinish old dresser - prep materials

Next, using a white primer I covered the blue dresser with several coats so as to reduce the amount of actual paint I would have to use to cover up the deep hues of the blue and red. (Of course a little HGTV in the background is always good for creative inspiration).

Now is the step where you forget about your project for about one to two weeks until your in-laws are about to come into town, at which point you realize your child is nine months old and you still haven’t completely refinished the dresser they gave you! (Can she really be nine months old?)

After a sudden panic choose the official color you would like. In my case I love white furniture. However, actual stark white is not usually what is used. I decided on “Linen White” by Behr paint. It took much less than a quart of paint to cover the dresser twice.

Finally I decided to paint the handles pink to match some painted letters in the room and to give the dresser a little personality. I figured the knobs would be easy to change if I have a boy next.

And there you have the finished project. What took me a few weeks could in all reality take a day or two and it was very rewarding to have a dresser which matched my child’s room a little better.


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