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Neighborly Dogs & Cayenne Pepper

This summer I have run into a problem in my yard. I started finding little plops of poo on the grass in my front yard. At first I didn’t mind, I know dogs will wander sometimes and so I pulled out the shovel and cleaned up. After a few weeks of this more and more droppings showed up each day. It got to the point that I was picking up an average of one to two a DAY!

There is a reason I don’t have a dog. I deal with enough poo as a mother and a nurse. I really don’t want to deal with anymore. After finding so many droppings I will admit I became very frustrated. I started imagining neighbors walking their dogs over to my lawn so their pets could, as my husband so eloquently puts it, “take a dump.”

Soon my imaginings turned into visions of myself waiting at the front window for those dogs to show up and then I would strike back, catching those pesky canines and placing a cork in a certain essential spot at the end of their digestive tract. Bwa ha ha!

After several frustrated phone calls to my husband each time I had to pick up poo during the day my husband went on an internet search for tools to keep dogs off our front lawn. He almost bought “The Scarecrow.”

Image from http://www.yourlawnhub.com/scarecrow-sprinkler/

This is a motion activated sprinkler used to deter pesky animals from yards. However as much as I wanted to get this sprinkler, we didn’t, deciding that a front yard was not the place for a motion activated sprinkler. I really wanted the mail man to continue delivering the mail.

Finally we decided to try a home remedy we found mentioned all over the internet…Cayenne Pepper. This little baby if sprinkled or sprayed over your grass is supposed to deter dogs by the smell.

So after thoroughly watering the lawn I sprinkled the pepper over one patch of my lawn and waited for this remedy to be proved wrong.

At first I sprinkled a little, then I threw caution to the wind and sprinkled a lot.

(one thing to note, is I didn’t sprinkle it in places where my baby liked to crawl for fear that she would rub her hands in the pepper and then rub her eyes, or lick her fingers. Ouch!)

I waited a day and no poo. I waited a second day, still no poo.

On the third day I had to water again, and after this the poo started coming back. However, I am very pleased to report that it has diminished. I will therefore continue using the cayenne pepper to ward off those troublesome or overly neighborly dogs.



  • Paula, I can sympathize with you. We have neighbor dogs who come over to our house. If they actually come over to play with our dog (like the cute little chihuahua down the street named Bean) then I don’t mind picking up as much but otherwise it’s just downright rude and crude. I know Catherine and I both take our little baggies when we are out walking our dogs. Bean is just cute and Strider (our Newfoundland mix) actually plays with Bean-Strider stands around as Bean races circle around him-darting in occasionally and Strider play stepping towards Bean in return.

    • Yeah, I don’t mind so much if they are nice dogs, but at the same time, it was getting to be way too much.

  • I’m totally impressed that it worked. Thanks for sharing. (and look at you, posts with pictures!) Bravo

  • Too bad Salena didn’t know about cayenne pepper when she lived in Texas and had the rude dogs next door.

    Poo has always been one of my reasons for not having a dog. I have dealt with enough and didn’t want to add more. It’s funny that you were one of the most ardent advocates for Gypsy. But now she’s a well-loved dog and I don’t know but what everybody wants to take credit for her. But will you get another dog ever? I always told my kids that they were my pets and even they, although I loved them dearly, were sometimes almost too much for me.

    • Thanks. I remember Salena having that problem in Texas and I did think of her while I went through this “ordeal.” 😉 I hope it keeps on working. I also love telling kids that they are your pets. I do love dogs, but I get too attached and then feel terrible guilt if they are neglected or when the time comes for them to pass on. I think we really lucked out with Gypsy. She is such a good dog,especially for my parents.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. We live up the street from a gas station and people are always walking their dogs up and down and letting their dogs do their business on our grass. I am going to try your suggestion. Thanks.

    • Thanks for reading the blog! Yes, it is frustrating that other people would allow their pets to do their business on your grass. I really hope that the cayenne pepper works well for you!