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How to clean linoleum or tile

I have a very old house which means it clings to dirt. I’m always amazed how each little corner has just a little bit of dirt hidden in it. The linoleum in the kitchen is the worst. It actually is decent linoleum and hides dirt very well which I thought was an advantage until my baby started crawling.

This is my baby and she is MOBILE. It was she who brought my attention to how dirty my floors were. At first I couldn’t understand how the tops of my baby’s feet were getting so dirty until I realized that when she crawled the tops of her feet dragged against my not-so-clean floors. *embarassment*

I promise I sweep and mop my floors but even after mopping, my baby still got dirty.(Please ignore the baseboards in great need of new paint). Therefore when my sister-in-law suggested window cleaner I had to try it. From what she tells me it works wonderfully on tile as well.

It’s simple. All you need is window cleaner and a rag (or more if you are like me). I first swept and mopped as usual. Then I got down on my hands and knees and sprayed and wiped the entire floor. This was a fairly quick job but I was amazed at how much dirt I actually pulled up with my rag. It took me a few rags to clean the whole floor but was well worth it. Boy I love commercial cleaners !

Now my floor is shiny and clean. And so are my baby’s knees and feet!