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Front Yard Path Ideas (The Bungalow Grass Part 6)

Landscape path

I haven’t forgotten that the Bungalow needs grass.  Everyday I stare at the front yard and think, “Why, why haven’t you finished?  Sod is so quick and easy, and the more you put it off the less time you have for it to take hold.  FINISH Woman, FINISH!”

And I want to finish.  Believe me.  There are just a few factors that seem to be in the way.

1) I keep forgetting to order the sod.  This has something to do with my aversion to telephones, and something to do with number 2. (see #2)

2) I can’t decide if I’m putting in a path across the front lawn or not.

See, I want to put a few stepping stones in front of the flower bed to connect the driveway, where most people get out of their cars, to the sidewalk, where most people head from their cars.  And by people I mean me.  Let’s face it, few people are crossing the “lawn” to get to the door besides myself because so few people visit.  Usually I’m walking across the “lawn” because someone is dropping me off after hanging out.

Here are my thoughts:

Maybe it’s lazy to put in a path. I mean, can’t I just walk back down the driveway to the sidewalk and then up the paved path to the porch?  But I don’t want to keep anyone waiting while I mosey around the to the door.  That makes the person waiting to see me in have to sit for far too long. I hate making people wait for me.

And okay, maybe I’m a little lazy, maybe I prefer to just cut a straight path to the door.  Point A to point B, no wandering.

So why can’t I just walk on the grass?

Um, but what about when it’s wet?  I’m short, my pants drag, then I’ll have wet pants…

And then if I put one in, what should it look like? Thus…

Front Yard Path Ideas

I am leaning towards something like this…

Front yard path ideas image 1


Brooke wants it to meander across the way to offer up a few more organic lines.

Meandering front yard path ideas image 2

April suggested it be pretty because right now the flower bed is a bit…harsh.

front yard path ideas image 3 flowery

I want a path, but should I put one in? What should it look like?  I’m stunted, unable to complete yet another project because of minor details.

Clearly I’m incapable of making this decision.  What should I do?


P.S. See what I finally decided here.

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  • What a fun blog and cute house! So glad you visited me. I feel your pain here… I have a very similar lack of progress on my front walk! Sadly ours is an ancient, ankle breaker that seriously detracts from the front the old house. I just can’t decide; bluestone or brick, straight or meandering, extra wide… And then what about the portico that needs to be replaced? Argggg! Hope you figure yours out and enjoy fall!