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Make Your Own Nursery Baby Mobile

nursery baby mobile

I have a problem with finishing projects but today marks a great day. I have finally finished my baby’s mobile to go in her nursery…I’m just about six months too late, she’s grown out of those simple pleasures. Oh well. I now have a darling mobile that hangs above my baby’s bed.

I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, which you can check out here (I highly recommend having hours of spare time when you do look because it sucks you in- no really, you won’t be able to leave). This couple in all their genius saw a darling nursery baby mobile and decided they could make their own version of it. After reading their how-to I decided it was a project I would be capable of.

All you need is some wire and flowers which you can purchase at any craft store. Then try really hard to keep it out of the reach of your child.

After a first failed attempt at creating a sphere my husband suggested cutting several pieces of wire the same length. With the first piece bend it into a half circle creating a loop at either end. These loops are what you will attach all of the other wires to to create a sphere.

Bending all of the other wires which you cut and looping their ends to both ends of the first wire you can begin to shape these wires into a sphere. This is the part where you leave the sphere lying around your living room for three months moving it from seat to seat when guests come over so that it does not get crushed.

After about three months you will get fed up with this unfinished project and you can move on to step four. Begin cutting random sized pieces of wire and weave them over and under the sphere in different directions. This may look haphazard but the more you weave the more stability the sphere gains and the more wires there are to glue your flowers to.

Now it is just a matter of hot gluing your flowers on. I found I liked the pink flowers best and so I started with them and then used the yellow flowers for filler.

Here the sphere is half done. I found I liked it the more flowers I glued on. Also, like Young House Love, I loved adding little tendrils of wire and flowers that came off of the spheres to add a little more depth.

In the end I made three spheres in differing sizes. I wanted to hang them with fishing line but didn’t have any so I used wrapping ribbon and thumb tacks. I like this look just as well. Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.


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