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Front porch ideas - flowers and thrift store items

April's front porch ideas

I love beautifully decorated porches.  The porch of my last home was so small you couldn’t put anything on it without having to trip over it later.  So I’m just starting to learn to decorate one.  My problem now is that my porch stretches across the entire length of the house (except the garage of course).  I love it.  It is one of my favorite things about the house.  But holy-cow, what do I do with all this porch?  I’ve gone from the non-existent porch to Godzilla porch.

Ultimately I’d love this porch.

Or I’d settle for any of the front porch ideas in this post Paula wrote a few months ago.  But for now I’m stuck to a small budget made smaller by my Sports Addict’s recent ACL surgery.  With this in mind I’d decided not to pursue my porch decorating fetish for the time being.  Brooke on the other hand caught the decorate-the-front-porch-now bug.   She got the great idea to go to the local goodwill store (D.I. for anyone on the Wasatch Front) and see what she might be able to use to decorate outside.  Just going along to help her wouldn’t hurt…right?

She ended up finding some great baskets and a simple chair she decided she could spray paint.


We loaded everything into my van and headed back to my house to do the spray painting.  (Remember this is all for Brooke…right?)

April with spray paint

Me (April) spray painting. Not flattering.

The only problem was that I loved everything she bought.  Oooo…I wanted it all so bad.  The Greedy Green-Eyed Monster was totally having a hay day with me.

If you think I sound crazy at this moment just read The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster and it will all make sense.  Kind of.  I promise.

Well Brooke left a while later with all her freshly painted (but dry now) goodies, and I was left to try really hard not to think about how they would all look so nice on MY porch.

I fought it.

Real Hard.

Then I lost.

I gave into the disease and I raced back to the goodwill store, splurging to my little hearts content on similar items.  In fact I bought another of the chairs exactly like the one she bought, as well as a whole bunch of baskets, and even a little table I couldn’t believe we had overlooked earlier in the day.  (See my floral to fabulous table makeover post here.)

baskets, table, and chair

The next day I removed all accompanying ribbons and bows.  I remember learning how to make those bows years ago.  At the time they were so pretty.  Nostalgia!  But I could never really get my bows to look right, so it was rather fulfilling to tear these bows off.  Take that you rotten bows I can’t tie.

Like Brooke had done, I spray painted everything black.  The more colorful side of me wanted to spray a few orange, but thought better of it, afraid they might look like hunting jackets.

Brooke came back a day or two later and helped me pot some hardy mums directly into the baskets.  We first lined each basket with pieces of an old plastic table cloth I only kept around for craft projects.  Then we arranged everything on the porch and made it look so cute.  (Just remember tying bows is not my thing, but I liked this ribbon a lot.)

Chair & Flowers - Front Porch Ideas

There are still other things I’d like to add to make the porch feel complete.  It still seems to be missing something.  Ideally I’d like to add all kinds of molding around the door.   I think something like this from Between Naps on the Porch would work just beautifully.

Of course this brings us back to that wretched budget thingy.  Due to it I probably won’t get moulding for a while, but here’s the cost breakdown for my porch decorating so far.  (Rounded to the nearest dollar for simplicity.)

4 potted mums = $13
Baskets = $7
Chair = $5
Table = $10
Total = $35

Aahhh…It was better not knowing how much I spent.  I suppose I should include $3 for spray paint as well.  Ouch.  It’s OK though.  It is still within my budget so lets call it a success.

On the bright side, I should be able to use these items for more than one season.  So lets just call it an investment and hope I get lots and lots of use from them.  I’m already thinking of spray painting them a different color for next spring.

I hope this gave you some great front porch ideas of your own. If so, I’d love to hear about them.


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  • My hands are permanently streaked with black spray paint right now. Almost every Halloween item I have purchased has been given a paint make-over. I think my husband is starting to get annoyed because I end up begging him to help me (because of the forearm cramps I sustain while painting). So worth it. 😉


    • I think I’m just now getting all the black out of all my fingernails. And who knew you could strain so many muscles pushing the little spray paint button. I’ll be looking for all your decorations.

  • I love your porch; it is a good base and we can add some additional layers to get more oomph. I think the next thing to add is pumpkins and we might be albe to get some free corn stalks from Ardie when his corn finishes up.

    By the way, where did the 5th basket go? Did you ever find it?


  • Don’t you just LOVE a great trip to the thrift store!!! Your front porch looks so Autumnal, now if we could just get out of the 80’s around here it would feel like Fall!

  • That’s a good porch makeover. I have total porch envy. We live in a townhouse so i have no porch.

    Stop by and visit sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

  • Way to go the apey! I think then next project should be to beef up the molding around your front door like in the picture above with the red door. Lovely!

  • Looks great! All your finds look wonderful in black. Thanks for stopping by and joining my Feathered Nest Friday party! Nice to meet you!! :)

  • Your front porch looks beautiful, I find it interesting how everyone is decorating for Fall, in Australia we don’t tend to decorate for the seasons, but I suppose our seasons don’t change as dramatically as yours do, except in summer when it gets super hot!

  • I love it! I love it more that you stuck to your budget. Doesn’t everything look better spray painted in black? Add some pumpkins and corn stalks when you can and it will be fabulous. I’d love to see a monogram inside that red wreath. Any thing you already have like mason jars to stick some popcorn kernels or acorns in then little votive candles? Could be fun! I’m a new blogger stopping by from the blog party. Nice to meet you!

  • I think your porch looks just great ! I do love the back chair and all your flowers, plus the table on the left you finished.
    It really is tastefully done.

    I’ll be back to read more of your blog.

  • I had to chuckle over the pic of you with the spray paint…that is me most of the time. Your baskets look great black. Your entire porch looks very warm and welcoming. FYI every Friday I do a thrift party and I would love for you to join in sometime.

  • I love your site, not only because you do such fun projects, but because I know and love all of you! The porch looks great, a little hint I’ve found helpful is to leave plants right in their pots and place them in a decorative basket and then just cover the plastic edges with spanish moss! I reuse the moss time and time again.

  • I love this post. Your porch is looking great – this is not a green-eyed monster thing. It’s about knowing a great idea when you see it and using that idea to make the world prettier. How’s that for rationalizing?

    I hope you don’t mind. I linked your post to my PORCH AND GARDEN PARTY at