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Gelato and the Art Show

April is our ambitious creative.  She explores new ideas and skills all the time.  If you say, “hey, I want to learn to weld,” then she’ll be the first in line to learn with you.  Or say she just gets some wild bug to start painting, the next thing you know there is an art show to attend and April has a piece (or two) in it.

Last Friday I found a last minute note in my email.  It read:

Um, sorry this is late notice, I just thought you should know that I’m in an art show and there will be gelato.  No big deal, but if you want you can come.

I have never heard of better incentive to see an art show than gelato.  Oh, and I wanted to support the April as well.  So Friday I went with Brooke, the parents, and a few cousins to Bellissimo Gelato in Murray, Utah, to see our budding young artist and her classmates in their art show.

The art was great.  I was impressed by the number of pieces on display and the number of people there to show off their work.

Everyone was proud of April and her accomplishments.

And the gelato was good too.  Chocolate was my favorite, but between everyone we sampled a lot of different flavors. Really, what’s not to love about gelato?

Good Job Apey! Thanks for the invite; I can’t wait for the next art show.


P.S.  If you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian, truly amazing gelato, I recommend Bellissimo Gelato at 5500 South 900 East, Murray, Utah.  As you could see from the pictures above they have tons of delicious flavors to choose from and great service.  Some of us had to order seconds because there were so many to try.  They make it fresh in the store but get their ingredients from Italy.  If you’ve never had gelato before, just imagine your favorite ice cream only better.  I’ve never met an Italian food I didn’t like and this is no exception.  As you can imagine, it’s run by fun people too, willing to have their store completely overrun by an art show.

Brooke would have me remind everyone we are not being compensated by Bellisimo Gelato in any way.


  • Gorgeous sunflower! So bright and beautiful! Yes, yummy gelato-I think we’re had it once at the Tea Grotto location. Thank you for the legal disclaimer-now can Brooke just explain contract law to me? (Just kidding-although I’m sure she understands it much better than I do.)