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Baby and Children Halloween Costumes

‘Tis the season for Halloween and all of the joys and stresses that come with it. I personally love Halloween (what’s not to love about a holiday excuse for lots of candy)? It hit me the other day however that I am now responsible for a child and all that goes along with having a child at this time of year, mainly, coming up with a costume!

So I got online to figure out relatively simple and inexpensive costume ideas and just check out all of the creativity I found! (you can find these costume ideas at along with tutorials for most of these. I have in the caption the url for each costume).

I love love love this chicken costume and it really sounds quite simple too. I think it is on the list for Baby’s costume for next year.

Of course I love this costume as well. Wouldn’t it be so cute for a baby and her dad? Actually, this might be Baby’s costume next year.

But wait! This sock spider is adorable! Ahh, too many choices. I think that we may need to require dressing up for more than just one holiday a year.

In that case, this is going to be Baby for Thanksgiving. I love how adorable it is! Wouldn’t that be such a fun costume for a little girl or boy?

Who could resist this one? I couldn’t and so that is why this is what my baby is going to be this year. (I’ve already started.) *excitement*

Too cute, and what a fantastic gender-neutral costume (because let’s face it, you can only have so many kids before you start looking for gender neutral costumes to be passed down through each child, and why not?)

This one might be my favorite! A shrimp- get it? Ha! I think maybe my husband and I should be this next year (we’re very short people).

And who wouldn’t love this costume? I think every kid would love their parent who could make this.

I think all of these costumes are darling, some would take more time than others but each would be worth it. And Parents, don’t forget the other vital part of the child’s costume…a really big bag for collecting the goods! Happy costume hunting everyone!


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