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Birthday Cake for a Kid at Heart

My husband turned 30 this weekend! And though time is moving on, he is still a kid at heart. I realized that I had to give him a pretty special birthday cake to mark such a momentous event.

Problem: I am not a cake decorator, in fact, I have never really decorated a cake in my life! Hmm, isn’t that what the internet is for? So I began my search for cake ideas and decorating tips and in the end I found inspiration from this blog all about cakes! I opted for an old school Nintendo paddle. Though their cake turned out beautifully and far more professional than mine ever could, I am not disappointed in my work.

I began by making a carrot cake, my husband’s favorite, and then I burnt it.

Arg, so I started over again and was very very careful NOT to burn this one. Ahh, much better. I let the cake cool and then tipped it over onto a tinfoil covered cutting board. Thank goodness for the wax paper I had put down in the bottom of my cake pan or I don’t know if it would have come out.

Then I smoothed on a thin layer of icing all over the cake to prevent the crumbs from getting into the top layer of icing. Now this is all very elementary, but still an adventure for me, a first time cake decorator.

I then used Wilton’s black concentrated gel to turn the icing black. I have heard that black can make icing bitter, but perhaps since this was a cream cheese frosting it wasn’t really affected. I used less to get the gray color (obviously). The red buttons were with a gel icing that I bought at the grocery store.

The red was the perfect color until I realized I had to write with it on the black and then it disappeared.  I was running out of time at this point so I just had to mix it with the white and call the pink writing good. Oh well. It was still tasty.

(And of course we had to get the family picture before we dug in.)

YUM! Pair cake with some homemade ice cream and it doesn’t matter what  your it looks like! Well, Happy Birthday to the best guy ever. May the next decade be filled with happiness and fun!

– Paula