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Wire Pumpkins Don’t Rot

I’m in love with pumpkins this time of year, especially the kind that don’t get little black spots all over them and then leave a puddle of goo on my front porch. Totally nasty.  But pumpkins are an essential ingredient in autumn decor inside and out.

Autumn porch with pumpkins

Autumn porch with pumpkins

So I’ve been on the lookout for GOOD looking pumpkins that could be used year after year without this problem. Here are a few I’ve found and love, love, love.

Full of Great Ideas did a little tutorial on how to make these wire pumpkins.  The best part is they only cost about $1 to make.

Wire PumpkinThen how about this awesome white pumpkin made by My Crafty Moments.   Guess what it’s made out of???  Dryer venting.  Super creative and so “in” due to the white pumpkin  craze this year.

Dryer Vent Pumpkin

They were inspired by House of Hepworths‘ orange version.  Both are pretty cute.

Dryer vent pumpkin (orange)Then going in a different direction, I really liked this pumpkin interpretation by Kelsey at Tattered and Inked.  The story behind it is just as fun.

Square pumpkin decor

Of course I’m there if chocolate is involved.  These treats by Betty Crocker Wanna-Be wouldn’t actually survive life on the porch but they would make me and all my chillins happy.

Orange Chocolate Marshmallow

But back to the porch, Katie at Not Just Decorating used a great technique to make her shiny fake pumpkin look more realistic.  And all it took was a little brown paint.

Pretty faux pumpkin

Of course if I decide I want to put a little more labor into my pumpkin quest there are always the amazing paper pumpkins by WhipperBerry.

Paper pumpkin

Finally, what alternative pumpkin post would be complete without the 2×4 pumpkin option.  Here’s a great rot proof pumpkin by Creative Decor by Brooke.

2x4 pumpkins

To all the pumpkin purists out there, don’t worry, I’ll have several real pumpkins on my porch again this year.  We already have three bumping around the house that the kids got from school.  But it’s always nice to have variety.  And always nice to keep things fresh.