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Swanky San Diego Hotel and the Pioneer Woman

Over the weekend Brooke and I had the opportunity to stay in a swanky hotel in San Diego.  We never, NEVER, stay in swanky hotels.  In fact, up until I was in my twenties I thought that there was no difference between and hotel and a motel.  Motel 6 was, so I thought, upscale.  (You mean we’re not sleeping in the car?  Score!)

And then I became an adult and started to notice that there were differences in where certain hotels were located versus motels, or the cars that people drove when they went to various establishments.  Somewhere over the last decade I figured out that there are nice establishments with lots of amenities — like clean sheets, or there were places with beds.

Despite figuring out the differences I rarely have the opportunity to stay in the hotel variety of accommodations, so when the opportunity does present itself I am game!

Last week the opportunity presented itself because Brooke had a conference to attend in San Diego for work this last weekend.

Enter awesome hotel.

The conference was booked at the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado island and because Brooke’s company was paying for the conference we decided to make a vacation of it.  (Well, I made a vacation of it and she attended classes.)

In the spirit of the Pioneer Woman, I decided to snap a few pictures of the hotel and point out the features that made me swoon.  These are the shots that I have:

So yeah.  Basically the thing that made me swoon was being right on the beach. Let me state that again, we were RIGHT on the beach.  We were walk down the hall and into the sand, right on the beach.

Don’t get me wrong, the hotel was amazing.  It was built in the late 1800’s and has incredible architectural detail…I just apparently didn’t take any pictures of that.

Did I have my camera with me?  Yes.

Did I look up at the incredible wood ceilings and think, “oh my goodness this must be heaven!”?  Yes.

Did I snap a single picture of those details?  Not one, not a single one.

Unless you count the bedroom, which I don’t because the bedroom was eh.  It had some well made beds.

Not comfortable beds, but they did have great sheets, and despite the blanket being crooked for the picture, the blanket was fantastic.

And an upscale for me bathroom, but nothing like PW’s hotels’.

I did like the double sink vanity with marble counter top.  (Please ignore the toiletry items.  We had been there several days at this point and I was exhausted from playing in the sand and the waves, so I didn’t bother to “spruce things up.”)

And I have a shot of the shower.  The marble tile was so beautiful I had to get a shot. (As I was taking this photo I noticed the shower fixtures.  It took me a second to place why it seemed familiar, and then I realized — it’s the same fixture set that I have in my tub!  Who feels swanky now?  That’s right, me.)

But that’s where the “architecture shots” end.

Though, because I was in the spirit of the Pioneer Woman, I did attempt a Pioneer Woman mirror / hip jut shot:

Um, hip jut?

Oh well, I tried. At least I got a mirror shot, and at least you can see the marble floor.  Look at that architecture and mirrors, what else can you expect?

The vacation away was great, and after the conference Brooke was free to hang out.  The hotel, while swanky, was also pricey, and while I enjoyed the beach I think that it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Happy to be home,


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