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Real Men Hold Babies

scott and babie

This is Scott, our oh-so-tough cousin.  He is a real animal when it comes to attacking life.  Be it sports, school, or yard work you just don’t mess with the Scotty, especially if he’s wielding a pick ax, shovel, or nail gun.

But that isn’t to say that he isn’t one of the sweetest guys out there.  And the sweetness comes out in Scott’s love of babies.  Scott is a total baby lover; when he comes to a family party he goes straight for the babies.  He will hold, and carry, and coo at whatever baby is handy.

And because he’s all man, he has no problem making kiss-y lips at this Miss Baby!

Little is as adorable as a grown man trying to capture the attention of a sweet baby…

except maybe a young man trying to entertain a sweet baby.


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