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Barrel and 2 boxes

Barrel and 2 boxes

The Renovation Whisperer and Robear, aka Dad & Mom, are in the process of downsizing.  But after seven children and 34 years of marriage, scaling back requires some serious furniture elimination.  That’s where I come into the picture.   Some of it needs some work, but that’s half the fun.

Over the past week I’ve become the happy recipient of two coffee tables…

Golden oak coffee table

Golden oak coffee table

White coffee table

White beadboard coffee table

…four bar stools…

Golden oak bar stools

…an old school desk I just couldn’t let them throw out, and a metal tool caddy…

Old school desk

…a golden oak chair that just needs a little work on the wicker…

Oak chair

…another golden oak chair to match the ones I already have…

Oak dining chair

…two signs with potential…

Wood signs

…some cool old windows from their garage that mom always planned to use…

Old windows

…two french chairs I really want to fix…

Two French Chairs

Chair back detail

…as well as a few more things I rescued from the warehouse.

Barrel and 2 boxes

If the barrel was right-side-up you could see the initials on it are HA, the initials of my great-grand father.   He died when the Renovation Whisperer was just a boy so this piece is priceless.   I’m so glad Dad kept it.

I’ve been eying some of these pieces for a few years now, envisioning what they could become with a little paint and in some cases major restoration.  They’ll be in the “shop” over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out for any updates.

Soon to arrive: two dressers, a double bed frame, mattresses, etc.  You get the idea.