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“Gitter Done” Inspired: Decluttering The Bathroom

Confession: The following post scares me.  I initially posted it, then freaked out that someone out there might actually read it, so I changed it to post a few days back hoping to bury it where no one would see.  But truth is truth, so here it is again, in it’s proper posting position.  Be kind.

This is what my master bathroom sink should look like…at all times!

Master Bathroom Vanity

But lately this hasn’t been the case.  Lately it could better be described as GHASTLY, EMBARASSING, even HORRIFIC!

But not anymore!

Inspired by “Gitter-Done”, I went to town on it.  My own little corner doesn’t have to be neglected.  So I emptied those overflowing drawers and went to work eliminating, cleaning, and organizing all of it.

Ooh the Horror!

Scary bathroom vanity

I’d like to say it looks like this because I emptied all the drawers onto the counter, but that is only slightly true.  There was a lot there before I even lifted a finger.  Hopefully you can still respect me.

I don’t let my other bathrooms get to this state.  They’re more public though.  Obviously I’m motivated by others more than myself.

“Is my neigbor going to see this?”  Then I better go clean it.

“Am I the only one who will see this and care?”  Then I better go clean the other neighbor-viewed areas, or better yet, add a layer of paint to another project.

As for the item that takes the What-on-earth-is-this-doing-here award:

Sprinkler Head

I’m speachless.

No defense.

Guilty as charged.

Why was there a sprinkler head was on my bathroom counter?…It likes it there?

Gone is an entire bag of old lotions, makeup, empty Advil containers, receipts, and junk.  The drawers are washed, organized, and able to completely close.  The faucet shines and the toothbrushes are no longer scared to live on the counter.  It’s so beautiful.

I promise to keep it looking like this forever more…

Clean sink

or at least for a week.


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  • *Oh my, I laughed over that sprinkler! I have found similar items in crazy places in my house, it never ceases to amaze me. You did a great job, it looks beautiful!
    Oh, I’m visiting from Gitter Done!

  • April, April, April… thank you for posting. Hilarious, raw, real. I am impressed with the before and after, and look now you can enjoy it. Good job!

  • Girl, thanks for being real. Love the before/after. This is a great encouragement to many of us out here, I’m quite sure:)


  • Don’t feel bad, feel wonderful and proud.
    Doesn’t matter how it looked before you made it look wonderful afterwards.
    And I think we all find ‘items’ at times where they definitely don’t belong. In fact I am still looking for more than a few things that definitely are not in their proper spot. I cringe to think where they will show up.
    Thank you so much for having the courage to participate, you sure Got it Done!