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Miniature Pumpkin Basket

Basket of pumpkinsIt’s as simple as it looks.  As basic as it comes.  But pumpkins in a basket are simple and basic and beautiful in their own right.  I almost want to apologize for presuming to claim their beauty for my own.  Nothing I did gives them their color or charm.  In fact, even though they grew in my own yard I never planted the seed.  They’re the gift of a previous year’s pumpkin gone to waste in the most natural way.  Some have spots because they’re real pumpkins, exposed to bugs, random waterings (because I’m bad at that), and lots of handling by my little children. It’s just their luck I didn’t pluck out the shoot when their mother plant first broke through the ground.

Unfortunately I only had one plant, meaning I only had a few pumpkins, so I cheated a little bit to better display them.

Newspaper in basket

Of course, what’s life without a few other friends?  How about the carving pumpkin we didn’t quite get to at Halloween, and the cooking pumpkin one of the kids brought home from school.  Even a few of the fake chalkboard pumpkins we’ve had so much fun with.  They can all sit together and look out the window, watching the leaves fall.

Buffet of pumpkins


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