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Metal Desk Makeover (Part 1)

Freshly painted Blue Desk

As I’ve mentioned before, Robear and the Renovation Whisperer have downsized, giving me a bunch of random stuff.  Like this stuff or this stuff.

Another great acquisition is this metal desk.  (Please note it isn’t finished.  I just started on it today, but was so excited, I wanted to show the progress I’ve already made.)

Unfinished Blue Metal Desk Makeover

Only it didn’t look like this earlier today.  This afternoon it still looked quite prison-warden-chic, with Shawshank Redemption vibes pulsing off it’s dull brown exterior.

Original Metal Desk Before Makeover

Original metal desk before the metal desk makeover

Needless to say, that isn’t exactly the tone I need for my home office, so I set out to “improve” my new desk. Thus commenced the metal desk makeover.

Of course desks like this come with a super heavy, triple thick, laminated top.  And of course nervous desk users, over the years, have pried the sides off said top, or scratched their name into it like my brother Jens.

(Speaking of which, it is never good to scratch your own name into a piece of furniture.  At least scratch the name of a sibling or two.  I learned this the hard way on the back of mom’s dining room chairs as a child, but I digress.)


So what’s a girl to do?  I started by sanding the tar out of it, that’s what.  I even sanded my sweet brother’s name out.  (Love ya Jens.)

Sanding top of metal desk makeover

Then Paula and I primed it, completely going through two cans of Painter’s Touch white primer.

Paula is the wonderful sister who actually made this all happen.  I was getting cold feet about the blue, so I called her this afternoon explaining my dillema.  Can I really do blue?  Am I a blue desk kind of person?  Would it look too funny in my office/upstairs family room?

She was helpful in pointing out that it doesn’t go with anything I have no matter what it’s color, so I might as well go a little wild on it.  And as a thirty-something mother of five, going a little wild every once in a while is therapeutic.  Right?

Unfortunately, I was so excited to see what the blue would look like that I forgot to take a picture of the white primer.  Just imagine this in all white and there you go.

First coat of blue paint- Metal Desk Makeover

In my dream world I want to replace the hardware with these clear Victorian glass pulls.  They would add just that little touch of elegance and femininity the desk needs.

clear victorian glass cabinet pullBut for now I’ll be putting the old chrome pulls back on.  At least they’ll stand out more with the new color.

Hopefully in the next day or so I’ll have final pictures of my metal desk makeover for you.  But first my renovated metal desk must wait for it’s spiffy new paint job to completely dry.  Then I need to find about four guys to haul it up two sets of stairs, because let me tell you, it is a BEAST.  In fact, it just occurred to me that I better measure to make sure it will fit through my doorways.

Oh my.  Wouldn’t it be horrible to find it doesn’t fit after all of this?

Looking for the tape measure now!!


For the rest of the story see The New Office or Metal Desk Makeover (part 2).

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