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Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!

Light on MountainsThe east mountains at sunset.

It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow!

Current conditions: snowing.  Last night Utah officially had a Blizzard, which seemed pretty weak sauce compared to some of the snow storms we get each year, but I guess there are wind classification and what not that go into things like “blizzards.”

winter sunsetWest mountains at sunset, the calm before the storm.

I played it safe though by staying home and doing laundry, eating left overs, and playing board games.  I also made some lovely mint tea and appreciated that I was not out in the weather.

winter sunset 7The view from Brooke’s veranda.

Of course today, snow or no snow, I have to get ready for Thanksgiving.  This year we are gathering at the Brooke’s house for Thanksgiving and enjoying a meal for 26 people.  Everyone is bringing something and I lucked out with double batch of mashed potatoes.  In order to cook up so many potatoes I’m breaking down and getting a few big pots from our local restaurant supply store.

Hello gorgeous!

potI’m working to be motivated to go outside. Does it seem like I’m stalling?  Well I am, it’s 17 degrees F. Brrrr

So, how go your Thanksgiving preparations?



  • Nice pot. I was going to give you my cheapy big pot, but it always scorches the potatoes for it does not have a thick enough bottom. Off to the thrift store with it. It is good for boiling lots of corn but that is all. Can’t wait for tomorrow.