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Things to be Thankful for, even a little late.

This year, more than anything I’m thankful for family.  Sometimes this sentiment is difficult to remember.  Not that I don’t love my family every day, but I forget how much I appreciate them.  And there is nothing like a passing holiday to remind me of why I am thankful for them.  This year I am thankful for little girls who play together and lunge across living room furniture.

I’m thankful for helpful cousins who take care of details despite being guests at our table.

And adoring fathers who keep trouble happy.

I’m grateful for the resilience of children, especially when they are learning to walk.

And fuzzy brothers who return home from dental school in time to eat pumpkin pie and candy yams.

I’m grateful for people making themselves at home,

and entertaining themselves.

And entertaining others.

I’m thankful for age,

and comfort.

I’m thankful for the fun of teasing this baby and the concern on her mother’s face.

I’m thankful for the joy of youth,

and the ease of love.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year and these are the things that made it so good.  Well, that and only having to make a few items because so many people brought food.  And the fact that it wasn’t at my house so the clean-up, for me, was minimal.  (Thanks for hosting Brookie!)

This year I’m thankful for family.  I hope I can remember that through Christmas!