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2 Minute Christmas Decor: Real Garlands


Growing up we never had a fireplace. This is not a big deal until Christmas rolls around and then there are some major issues involving a jolly old elf and the logistics of present delivery.

Now that I have my own house, I love that it has a fireplace. I love it most at Christmas time because there is now a place to hang stockings and I know that Santa won’t have a problem finding his way to my house.

I wish I did not have the tv on the mantel, but so far I have not found a better place for it in my limited space.

This year I bought a 25′ evergreen garland from Costco for $15 and used it on my mantel and two pianos. (I am not a piano freak, but Robear needed to keep hers somewhere and my house volunteered.) So I averaged about $5 per garland. Not bad considering the cost of good quality fake garlands can be quite a bit more.

I love the way these real garlands drape. With Robear’s help, I draped my garlands over the fireplace and pianos. I then placed pine cones and cinnamon sticks in the garland. A few pieces of pottery and vases filled with various holiday cheer I found in my Christmas boxes finished it off. For the mantel I included 4 flat stocking holders I found at Target  for $4/each. (I almost ordered these exact stocking holders from Pottery Barn for $18/each. Hooray for Target.)

I encourage you to try real garlands:

First, you don’t have to arrange wires or fluff it to try to make the fake garlands look somewhat real. This means the decorating goes a whole lot faster than when you  get your garland out of a box. Real garland = time saver.

Second, at the end of the season, you get to throw it away rather than having to try and find a place to store it for 11 months of the year. In a small cape cod, built in the 40’s, this is a big bonus.

Third, it smell delicious! Especially with the added cinnamon.  The moment anyone enters they remark how the house smells like Christmas.

Lastly, the real garland makes almost anything look good. Even my fake-glass ornaments look almost real next to the garland.

The cost is not too bad. Especially considering I could have been a little thriftier in how I divided the gargantuan garland and might have been able to get even more garlands out of this one.

Happy Holidays!


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  • Found you on Artie’s blog. I love the idea of real garland too.
    I used magnolia on my mantels. See what I did on my blog.


  • Oh, I love the smell of real garlands. I wish they weren’t so expensive! Your mantel is goreous and I would love to come and sniff away! Ha!

  • Although I use a ton of fake garlands, trees, etc., nothing beats the real thing. Yours is lovely. Wish I could smell your house! I usually find a bough to bring in just for the scent!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Passion for Paint. I went back and forth with whether to make it a paint-specific party or not. I’m glad you linked up some decorative posts. I just may have to expand it next year 😉

  • I am loving the fresh greens in my house this year. I don’t have a real Christmas tree, in fact mine is only three feet tall, so I really miss the smell of fresh greens. I cut several tips off of my Spruce tree that is in my front yard. It really does look nice. I love yours, it is really amazing, and cedar is so much nice than Spruce, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy