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2 Minute Christmas Project: Leftovers

This post is not about one of my favorite things: holiday food leftovers. Instead this is a quick 2 minute Christmas project for another kind of leftover – left over ornaments.

Perhaps I have CADD (Christmas Attention Deficit Disorder), but I tend to get bored with my prior Christmas tree design and itch to try something new every couple of years.

The result of my penchant for re-designing my tree is that I tend to have a lot of left over decorations. Being the daughter of Robear and sister to Paula, Catherine and April, I cannot leave this waste without finding something to do with it.

Old ornaments can be used to create new and exciting Christmas decor. These “leftovers” coupled with a vase and some ribbon can make fun tablescapes or centerpieces in no time.

Why not throw in some pine cones and beads as well?

Look around, you never know what you can create from leftovers!

Happy Holidays!


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