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2 Minute Winter Project: Door Draft Guard

This is a 2 minute project for people like April who can sew together whole Halloween costumes in one night. For the rest of us mere mortals it might take a few extra minutes, but not by much.

Note: The Dog is not the guard.

The Bungalow is an old drafty house.  We’ve worked to improve that by getting new windows and new insulation, but our kitchen door, which leads down into the uninsulated basement, allows drafts through the huge space beneath it. For years we have ignored the problem and dealt with the cold, but this year Rachael, my roommate, decided she was fixing the problem.

She decided she was going to make a door draft guard.

Borrowing April’s sewing machine, she first sewed a long tube.

Next she sewed down the tube to match the width of a pipe insulator.

And then she repeated step two on the opposite side so that we could get two pipe insulators into the contraption, which we did.

And then we cut off the excess pipe.  I used a serrated-edged knife but I’m pretty sure scissors would work and look less dangerous.  (Note, while it looks like I’m cutting on the floor, I’m not, I’m holding it off the floor.)

The pipes take up just enough room that the center is the width of a door. So we slid it under the door so each pipe was on either side.  It keeps the drafts out and there’s no hassle about moving it out of the way, it just moves with the door.

This project cost $2 for pipe insulators.  The insulators come 4 to a bag, so technically you can make two door guards.  And because we used leftover fabric from an old dog bed project it didn’t cost anything else.

You can buy these door guards already made in the stores for around $10 a piece, but they don’t look as “cute” and at Christmas who wants to spend money on the cold?

Happy, warm, Tuesday!


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