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Butcher Block Countertops

Gorgeous! Check out for this amazing DIY tutorial.
butcher block countertops by kitchen sink

Gorgeous! Check out for this amazing DIY tutorial.

Lately I have been thinking about the far off, but much anticipated kitchen redo for my little starter home. I actually love my kitchen, but there are a few things I would change or add to it. Besides taking down the TWO layers of wallpaper, I would love to replace the Formica counters which look like they are from the 1970’s sporting a marbleized appearance and gold flecks in abundance.

I have been looking at my options which need to stay in the inexpensive range due to my lack of mullah and the fact that my house is a starter home and beautiful counters like granite would probably not fit in the neighborhood.

With that said, I learned about butcher block countertops and discovered a new love! I think they are gor-ge-ous! Just take a look at these pictures!

Butcher block countertops in white kitchen

Again, this countertop is so stunning. Visit for a review of how well these countertops hold up.

I got this next picture from’s review and tips on different counter tops. I am in love with this look and have decided to put in a farmhouse sink someday when I get these lovely counters.

butcher block countertops from HGTV

I love the look the sink adds to the butcher block

I got this lovely inspiration from

And who wouldn’t want this kitchen?

Oh my goodness, “Country Living” has it down to an art!

I think I have established how beautiful butcher block countertops can be.

Now I have to look at it from a more practical view. From what I understand it can be unwise to have butcher block close to a sink because the wood is pourous and at risk for rot or mold. Ack! No one wants that, but from what various sites say this isn’t a problem as long as you periodically seal/oil it. I think I could handle this.

Also, butcher block can tend to scratch, however, I won’t be cutting on it and other reviews say that it isn’t too hard to sand out scratches. I don’t think I would mind a few anyways as this can be a form of “character.”

The other thing to consider is cost. I have found that this is pretty much my least expensive route (minus the farm house sink) if I get my counters from Ikea. The next least expensive counters would be formica which can look nice when you are on a budget, but I really love the butcher block countertops. Formica hardly requires any maintenance though and so I wonder if this would be a better route when it comes to the sale of this starter home in a few years.

What do you think?

Would you buy a house with butcher block countertops in the kitchen?

Would I be hurting the resale value in my home?



  • I love these counters, P. They would look great in your house. I also think that they would have great re-sale value. Are you going to do the bead board behind it as well?

  • Use a cutting board, NOT the counters to cut. give it several good coats of sealer. we had butcher block in our previous house; we’ll be adding it in this house, hopefully this year. We loved it!! Can’t wait to get it again!

    We have an undermount sink just like in the first picture that we’re going to use for it. Can’t wait!!!

  • I put butcher block counter tops from Ikea into my starter home 5 years ago… I’m not the greatest person at maintenance but they have held up amazingly – they give such a great contrast to white cupboards! I am moving into a new house in a few months and am already planning my next kitchen makeover with the same counter tops installed! I would recommend sealing, though. I have oiled mine and the difference between the sealant and the oil is noticeable.

  • Have you looked at using 2x4s? Its much cheaper and can achive the same look if you put wood putty in the cracks and stain over. Some people have done it for as little as $60.

    • Hi Sam. I’ve used 2x4s for lots of things but I’d be hesitant to use them for a kitchen countertop. I’m pretty sure the wood putty would come out after a short time. But 2x4s would be great in a very rustic situation or in the shop or garage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.