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Seasonal Stripping, er…Weather Stripping

The other day I was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed and her suggestion to get some projects done around the house.  So today I put up some weather stripping around the front door.

This is my front door:

I’ve had it up for the last year after the bungalow was broken into last Christmas.  Boo thieves. But Yeah for new front doors! This is a huge improvement over our last door:

So Rachael and I managed to get the door in but that was as far as we got. The fit was pretty good, except along one edge where the molding around the door is old and warped so there was a gap.

To fix the problem I bought some outside weather stripping.  I purchased the weather stripping a year ago and then just never got to putting it up which is ridiculous because it turned out to be super easy.

The tools:

front door tools

Drill, measuring tape, tin snips, step stool, and weather stripping

The weather stripping came in three strips, one for each edge.  It was just a matter of measuring one edge and then cutting the strip to size.

Once the pieces were cut to length it was then just a matter of screwing each into place.  This process went pretty quickly.  My only advice is to lock your door before beginning as I had a tendency to push the door in as I attempted to make the seal tight, but then I ended up having to readjust in order to get the door to lock.  So start with a locked door and that should solve the problem.

And the final product:

A finished door with better insulation, no more gaps and a warmer front room.  Not to mention the accomplishment of a project. Thanks for the inspiration Miss Mustard Seed.



  • You did a great job! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog and leaving comments. I enjoyed your project- something I need to do too. But we did put a storm door up, which helped a lot 😉 Come back and visit again sometime!

    ~New England Style~