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Organizing and Eliminating Decorations

Red decoration boxes copy

As I said yesterday, I’m on a mission to organize and eliminate, and last night all the Christmas decorations were in my sights.  To make it more visual I stacked up all the boxes and bags on the front room couch.  Even before putting away any decorations, these boxes were already half full with all the stuff I don’t use but keep around anyway.  Well this year marks the end of that!

Stacks of boxesWhy do I keep all this stuff?

Thrifty Tip:  For years my mom has kept decorations in orange boxes.  They are amazingly durable and usually free from the grocery store.  They stack easily and are just the right size to carry.  Some of the boxes in the photo are probably twenty years old.  Crazy durable!  Almost perfect except they’re cardboard.  Here in Utah our climate is so dry it isn’t a problem, but I imagine they might not work as well in more humid climates.

Over the years Robear has given me some of her decorations in the beloved orange boxes, but this year I decided to splurge on a few plastic bins to store some of my decorations.  Since my storage area is a dirt floor crawl space I’ve been thinking it might be good to transition to plastic totes, just on the odd chance we actually get some moisture down there.  It hasn’t been a problem so far, but you never know.

Last night I started going through everything, throwing out the garbage and boxing up the stuff someone at D.I. (our local good will store) might want.  Funny how projects like this seem to explode.

Messy room

Eventually I got it all back under control, and I’m quite proud of the progress I made.  In the process I eliminated seven boxes of decorations.

Empty Boxes

And now I just have my favorite decorations to haul down to the crawl space.

Red decoration boxesI digitally enhanced my new plastic totes.  Aren’t they pretty?

This also freed up half of one closet on the main floor I was using for four of the orange boxes I didn’t want in the crawl space.  This means more closet space for everyday use, and who doesn’t need that.  Yippee.

Moral of the story:  1) Just do it!  Decorations aren’t like friends; you can get rid of the old and only keep the good stuff.   2) If you’re pinched for money you can still find durable storage, just ask your local grocer and save a box from the landfull.

Happy Organizing


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  • Just a caveat on the boxes. Bananas boxes have large holes in the center-not a good storage choice. Potato and vegetable boxes sometimes impart, shall we say, a rather unique odor over time to the items stored within them. The best choices are apple boxes and then citrus boxes. And just so you know, the older boxes were made better and sturdier (for the most part!) than the newer boxes. I agree that the plastic totes are better if there’s a possible moisture question in the storage area.

  • Oh, and I love the graphic by the seven empty boxes-a stack of empty boxes from de-cluttering is inspiring to me!

  • I did this on Sunday . . . we had to cancel church because of the weather and I dressed myself for the cold and ventured into the garage. I knew I had about 12 bins of Christmas decor that were still sitting in there so I went at it. . . .got rid of only four, but that’s a big thing for me. Someone will definitely want the stuff we get rid of!!! Thanks for posting!

  • awesome! I have a TON of storage totes, I have all of my decorations in them seperated into holidays, but I have like two totes where I have random stuff, and some random holiday stuff. I’d love one night to just rip everything out of the closets, and go through everything and put them all into the right places and get rid of stuff I dont want or dont use anymore and give it to goodwill where another family will happily pick it up and use it!
    I wish I would have different colored totes, id love to use red ones for christmas instead of writing on them, but i got all the same color HUGE totes (this also helped while we were moving!)