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Happy Bright and Hopeful New Year

Total Sweetness New Year's

Total Sweetness ringing in the new year.

Nothing rings in the new year like our tradition of banging pots and pans.  Growing up we’d get together with our cousins, eat tons of good food,play games, watch movies, and when the time came, countdown to midnight.  10, 9, 8…3, 2, 1 BANG, Yell, BANG, Yell, BANG, Yell.  You get the idea.  We still do it today, only all of us cousins are grown and our children are the crazy pan bangers.  Of course we still get into it too.

Family Pans New YearsIt gets a little loud.

Allison banging awayPrincess gets pretty into it.  Of course you have to when it’s about 10 degrees F, just to keep from freezing.

Speaking of cold weather, we woke up this morning to nature’s own celebration of the new year.  Nothing says new and fresh like a perfect blanket of glistening snow.

Fresh snowStraight from the camera, check out that blue sky.

Super cold spells make for beautiful icicles too.

Icicles front houseIcicles are some of my favorite things in this world.

Icicles close upThis one would be perfect to eat, except I don’t do that any more.  They aren’t as tasty as they look.

Single dripping icicleAnd if I could make a puzzle out of one of my pictures today it would be this one of a sideways growing icicle traveling all the way down the side of the tree branch in my front yard; wind and gravity partnering with the cold weather.  Amazing!

Sideways icicleIt always amazes me how hard I work to create beauty, and mother nature makes masterpieces overnight from the simplest of things.

Happy 2011!



  • Fantastic icicle shots…..and I love the pot banging idea, how neat is that and even neater that it has carried down to the next generation. Happy New to your new and fresh start to the new year.

    • I think the pot banging was the cheapest and easiest way our parents’ found to let us ring in the new year… and then it’s just so crazy and fun how could we possibly stop.
      Happy New Year!

  • BRRRRR! We actually had icicles hanging on the bottom of some of the orange trees in the grove..not so good.
    I love the shot of everyone banging the pots and pans-even the little ones made it to midnight! I’m sorry to say I was drooling on the couch by 10:30. New Year’s came anyway!

    • I totally understand. I almost didn’t make it, but it’s tradition and it’s hard to sleep at someone else’s house. Happy New YEAR!