Clean up and de-Clutter

Finding Storage For all the STUFF

I love my house, but I wish that it had more storage space.

For some reason older houses don’t seem to have storage. Apparently our ancestors did not have a need for tons of storage. Maybe the need for storage is a flaw that has wormed its way into our genetic makeup over the past 50 years. Or perhaps it is a spreading virus, infecting us with a desire for more space, to store “stuff”.

I think there are lots of reasons for our stuff storage problems.

For example, perhaps it comes from an attempt to simplify our lives. As we try to simplify, we really complicate our lives with more stuff. Rather than buying a real Christmas tree every year, we have tried to simplify our lives by buying a plastic and metal fake tree that is pre-lit and is never crooked when assembled (unlike my real tree this year, it definitely leaned and it bugged me every time I looked at it!). This is great during the month of December, but what do you do the other 11 months of the year? …You have to store it. So does this really simplify our lives?

Then there are the great “deals” we find that clog our lives with more stuff. The Squash could tell you that I have a problem with buying shoes (the majority of them are stored in her closet because it has handy shoe shelves). The weirdest part about it is that I tend to wear the same 3-4 pairs of shoes, but I can’t help but pick up that cute-pair-of-shoes-on-the-clearance-rack. The problem is that they seem so useful and necessary when they are sitting on the rack at the store…but when I add them to the shoe racks at home, they don’t seem nearly as exciting. So while most of the shoes in my closet have cost around $20, I could have saved the money and space by just buying 1 pair of better quality shoes and leaving the clearance rack alone.  This leaves me with a closet full of shoes that I don’t wear, but I keep storing.

The point of this post is that I need more storage space. I didn’t think I would need to consider this for a couple more years, but I recently opened a closet in my bathroom and realized that with all the medicine and other necessary bathroom supplies had essentially filled the whole closet. So my idea to store the box of new Christmas ornaments in that closet was not going to work. I thought about throwing out all those shampoos, perfumes, lotions and other such things, but they are relatively new and usable. I thought about throwing out the Christmas ornaments, but they are new and I would like to get at least one more years use out of them.

I really am trying to work on my need for unnecessary “stuff” in my life, but until a cure is discovered for this virus I seem to have contracted, I still need more storage space.

My Options:

#1 – I could just get rid of the stuff. (This is probably the best idea.)

#2 – I could rent out space in a storage unit. That is just depressing because I would be paying to store stuff I don’t really need for the majority of the time and I could have saved money by just not buying in the first place.

#3 – I could store it in the garage. Unfortunately, the “garage” is only a glorified car port  because it does not have a door at the moment. Also, the renters in the basement have already laid claim on at least half of the space for their stuff once the garage door is put up.

#4 – I could buy a storage shed to live in my tiny backyard. At least this is only a one time cost, unlike the storage unit idea.

#5 – I could renovate the attic space to allow for storage. I like this one the most for a couple of reasons: 1) who doesn’t want a cool attic where you find old treasures from years past (which doesn’t really work when it is your house and your stuff, but, moving on…); 2) this would add to the selling value of the house…more storage for all of us genetically challenged stuff collectors; 3) it could be used to store visiting brothers when they come to town (j/k…sort of).

So while #1 is the best idea…#5 is the option that appeals to my unreasonable need to store stuff. #5 allows me to ignore my “stuff” problem for a couple of more years (hopefully many) before I once again run out of storage space and realize that #1 is the right way to go.

It is a new year…While April is busy reducing and consolidating, I say avoid the real issue and find a new place to store stuff this year, but make sure you justify it by claiming that it will increase the value of your house.