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Living Room Update: Wall Treatments

We continue to update the living room.  In fact, the hold up is color, that’s right we are ready to paint…officially paint.  We’ve already, stripped, filled, caulked, and primed.  Here’s the update of that going down:

The day after Niel, our Dentist in Training, came over to help with the fireplace mantel, he returned.  He put up some long awaited trim around the front door.

Door Trim

Xyla supervised the whole process, making sure Niel didn’t screw up.  She’s good like that, watching and waiting.  (Not that she would know a screw up, really she’s just hoping he comes down off that ladder to chase her.)

And he continued to put up trim around the fireplace mantel.

finish trim on top of mantel

We put up an extra bit of trim at the top of the mantel to help finish it.  To do this we had to cut out some of the ceiling which is not even or level, and then shove, literally, the piece of trim up into the hole and quickly tack it into place.  Then we patched the ceiling and the result is a finish that doesn’t show as off-level because the bottom looks (and is) level.

Basically it is prettier.


primed the woodApril also came to help on day two.  First, she primed all the woodwork in the living room.

We used “adhere primer” by Sherwin-Williams as our primer because it is supposed to have a better adherence than even Killz2, our usual primer.  It is advertised to go over glossy wood, metal, etc.  It is supposed to be the one-step solution of the painting gods.  To me it seems like the lazy route, and I am good with that.  We might be bitten in the end, but why not try it.  So, no sanding, just primer.  Thus far it seems like it’s going to work.

texture wall 2And then while Rachael and I took down wallpaper, April began to apply plaster to the cleared walls.

We opted for a textured finish because our walls are already plaster and the new texture is, we hope, going to help even out the walls, and the repairs, and the cracks.  We just used pre-mixed drywall mud, lightweight, and as you can see from April’s photo, troweled it on with the flat edge of a tile trowel.

trowel wall texture

wall texturing

April spread the mud thin and then knocked down the edges as best she could to create the texture.

And then everyone went home, and we waited for the mud to dry.

dining room mid-process

Here is the dining room after plaster, before sanding.

Actually, taking down the wallpaper and mudding the walls was a several day process.  April did an amazing amount in the time she was here, but then she remembered she had children, and Rachael and I were abandoned to finish the project.  Over the next several days we finished taking down the wallpaper, and then mudding, and then it was time to sand.

texture on wallsSee those peaks, we wanted those knocked off so the texture is subtle, and nonabrasive.

We donned masks and set to work:

sanding masks


We cleaned that mess up and then we primed.

We primed the walls and the trim again.  And now we have a white room waiting for the trim to turn white and the walls to get color.

primed living room

I’m hoping to get the trim painted this weekend, and I’m deliberating between a Hi-gloss white, or a Semi-gloss white.  All the woodwork throughout the rest of the house has been painted Hi-gloss, but it is in much better condition than the front room.  That being said, it means that the front room gets a lot of action, and I think the Hi-gloss would stand up better to living than semi-gloss.  Of course I have a gallon of semi-gloss just waiting to get on the wood…