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Odd Entertainment

You may think that it is impossible to have fun in the winter. You might think that the only thing a porch does for you in the winter, is give you something to shovel. Well, for my friends and I, shoveling is not the only thing…  We jump.ME JUMPING

Yes you might find this one of the most odd types of entertainment.  My friends and I think so too, But does that keep us from doing it? No.

You will need:  A porch to jump off of, a camera to take pictures, and healthy knees and ankles for a pleasant landing.Jump

How to use your equipment:

Porch – Take a running start and jump off of it.

Camera – When person jumping is in the air, click your shutter button. ( You might want to put your camera on a sports mode or one that takes the picture quickly.)

Knees and Ankles – Take much care in your landing with them.  CAUTION! You might hurt these, so be safe!

Enjoy having some weird fun with others. You might do this for a few hours… Like we did!

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