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SYTYCD Geek Alert

This doesn’t have much to do with Home Hinges, but I had to share my geeky excitement.

SYTYCD crowds 2

Every year around this time the theater across from my office gets extremely interesting to watch. Tons of young people line up. What makes them interesting to watch is that you will see some of them dancing in line.

SYTYCD crowds 1

It is then that you realize that they are trying out for “So You Think You Can Dance”.

SYTYCD line closeup

This may not be exciting for some, but as a semi-closeted-SYTYCD-buy-tickets-to-the-show-crazy fan it always makes me excited. Maybe one of these hopeful people will be on the show and I can say that I saw them first, lined up across the street from my office, full of hope.

Walking away...Did they make it to Vegas?

What fun things did you see today?