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2 Minute Valentines Project: (Foolproof) Frosting


While growing up, Robear was diligent at trying to make sure that we all learned how to cook. It is not her fault if her training did not completely stick with me. I definitely know how to appreciate good food, but I am not always the best at executing it. I am not to the level of “Worst Cook in America”, but for me it is always best to stick to basics…perhaps even…*gasp*…semi-homemade. Oh, the shame, the shame!

Anyhoo… since we are entering into the Valentines season and everything is pink. I am going to share a perfect, pink, foolproof frosting. That only takes 2 minutes to make.

***Warning*** This is outrageously easy and always gets compliments or people asking for the recipe. Which can be embarrassing when you tell them how easy it was. So do feel free to pretend it is a cherished family recipe that your grandmother made you promise to not share. :)

It only has three ingredients: frozen strawberries, sugar, and a package of Cool Whip. That’s right…Cool Whip.

Cool Whip 2

I am not generally a promoter of a product that I can’t quite figure out what it is made of, but somehow all those mystery ingredients in the Cool Whip come together with the strawberries to form the perfect frosting.


Mostly thaw 1 package of frozen strawberries and add sugar (go for more over less, trust me you want the strawberries sweet).

Strawberries and Sugar

Smash the strawberries up with a fork so that they become a syrupy strawberry mush (technical term).

Next mix the strawberry mush with 1 large container of Cool Whip.

Mixing Frosting

Don’t over whip. Just mix until there is a pretty pink fluff and then put it in the fridge to keep cool.


Crazy easy.

Crazy good.

Use this frosting on 1 white or yellow cake. This does better on a sheet cake rather than a layer cake, but it can work for both. I also suggest laying the frosting on thick, because this is a frosting where more is better.

Once frosted, keep cake in the fridge.

Share with friends and family.

Cath and Cake 2

Delight in their compliments and do pretend that this was much harder to prepare than it was.

half eaten cake

Don’t try to take a picture, because it is so good that they will start eating it before you get to your camera.

Happy Valentines Day!

-Brooke, the clueless cook


  • I’m with April-where were our invites? Did they get lost in the mail?!? Thank you for sharing-Robear has many recipes and cooking know-how that I’d love to learn!