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2 Minute Project: Valentine Wreath

valentine wreath

As a currently “single” person I have a tendency to join with the rest of the throng of singles in a silent protest of Valentines Day. But as a kid I loved it! I loved decorating my Valentines Day box each year and I loved going through the valentines mom bought from the store with superheroes or the current cartoon character spouting some pun.

This year I decided that I wanted to remember the fun of Valentines Day and not just gorge myself on chocolates while watching chick flicks. As part of my quest to remember the innocent fun in V-Day, I decided to look to my childhood for inspiration in making a Valentines Day door wreath. This was really just an excuse to buy those cheesy and cheap Valentines Day cards.

cath and valentines

Catherine (in a showing of sisterly support despite thinking I had lost it when I told her what I wanted to do) went with me to the local dollar store. I bought a wreath and those great valentines I remember from when I was a kid. I found some Hello Kitty cards, Cars (the Pixar movie) themed cards, Wizard of Oz cards, dinosaur themed cards and a couple other random cards. I kept to ones in the red/pink family so that there would be some consistency for my wreath.

Squash and B modeling the wreath

I was also able to get some basic red heart wire garland, crepe paper streamers, and conversation heart candies. All classic elementary school V-Day decorating items. Despite Catherine’s skepticism, I set out to make a Valentine wreath with these items.

Gypsy modeling the garland

First, I had Catherine wrap the wreath in the heart garland (after Squash made Gypsy model it).


Next the Squash and her friend, B, helped me with the Valentine cards. We first had to separate them from one another. Next we folded them in half and punched holes in the bottoms and strung them together with some wire creating Valentine puffs.


These puffs were then attached to the wreath with the wire and I glued them on with a glue gun to make them more secure.


Although this was cute, there wasn’t much going on. To try to break up the monotony, but still keep with the kid themed Valentines, I decided to add the boxes of candy hearts to the wreath.


This gave it some more interest and I liked how it went with the theme.


Lastly I still had the crepe paper streamers, so I made a bow for the wreath.


This was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. If I had some real ribbon next time, I would use that instead. I thought that the crepe paper streamers would be easy to twist, turn and manipulate into a bow. But the delicacy of the crepe paper actually made this much harder than using ribbon.


This was so fun that I need to re-evaluate my grumpy attitude about V-Day.

wreath close up

Next year I am going to try a different project using cheap, fun, Valentine Day cards or whatever else I can find at the dollar store.


I hope you find a way to enjoy the fun of V-Day this year!


**This project was made possible by the generous support, via its existence, of my local dollar store.**